About Laurie

Y’all, Laurie Figone really impresses me! I loved talkin’ ’bout her ‘Spicy Santa Fe Wedge Salad’ on my RWoP website when she was the spotlight of the day. Look for great things from this little lady!
— Paula Deen – TV Personality / Celebrity Chef

Laurie Figone is native to one of the most beautiful areas in Northern California.  She was raised on a multi-generational dairy ranch, nestled in the West Marin county hills of rural Novato, California.  Her closest neighbors were grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  She went to elementary school at a quaint, one- room schoolhouse and the fellow students were children from neighboring ranches.  Families were close- knit, work was hard and the hours were long, but everyone came together at the end of the day for a wonderful meal at the family table.  It is from these roots that Laurie’s passion was born.

Laurie was a profoundly shy young girl, yet she found herself at ease and confident in the kitchen.  With encouragement from a patient and willing mother, Laurie started cooking at a young age, chopping, creating and helping to prepare meals.  Years later, married with a family of her own, Laurie went back to her roots and began cooking with her grandmother, perfecting the art of hand made raviolis for herself. She became famous in her community for her delicious raviolis and started on a path she never knew she would be brave enough to follow.

Laurie began experimenting in the kitchen and entered a few contests.  She soon had a collection of winning recipes and found them published in cookbooks.  With courage and confidence, she accepted an offer to host her own TV show “Cooking with Laurie”.  The program showcases locally grown and raised products, which she then turns into culinary masterpieces.

Laurie still lives in one of the most beautiful areas of Northern California, though the landscape has changed a bit.  Hayfields have become residential subdivisions and generational dairies have gone out of business, but these economic pressures, combined with consumer demand, have forced agricultural diversity. Grass fed beef, organic vegetables, free range chickens and eggs are just a few of the local products that are still produced on the ranches in the valley where Laurie grew up. She is proud of this area, proud to cook with its wonderful bounty and proud that her roots are in this land, for it is from these roots that Laurie’s passion was born.